Training Offerings

Border Crossers utilizes creative and interactive pedagogy to engage educators in explorations of race and racism with K-12 students. We believe that if educators have a strong racial justice analysis, and are prepared to have meaningful conversations about race and racism, students will be better equipped to interrupt patterns of racism and injustice in their own lives and thrive in a multicultural society.

Border Crossers offers both professional development trainings that are open to the public, as well as contract-based trainings and coaching for schools and educational organizations across the country. In our flagship training, “Talking about Race in the Classroom” participants learn about the social construction of race, explore the ways racism manifests in education, and gain strategies to interrupt these patterns in the short- and long-term. Our other core trainings include, “Addressing Unconscious Bias as Educators,” “Talking about Race for Parents,” “Racial Identity Development,” and “Creating Racially Equitable Schools.” Border Crossers also leads customized and follow-up consultation services to educational institutions to support ongoing racial justice initiatives that build racial equity within institutional culture and policies.

Talking About Race in the Classroom:

A Training for Educators Committed to Racial Justice

Through this training, educators strengthen their analysis of how racism manifests in schools and classrooms, enhance their understanding of how racism affects children, practice utilizing tools to address race and racism with students, and gain strategies to support a school-wide culture of respect, equity and inclusivity.

Talking About Race for Parents:

Raising Children for Racial Justice

This training provides parents, guardians and caregivers with strategies for how to talk about race and racism with their children. Participants learn how children see race, gain skills for approaching age-appropriate conversations with a racial equity lens, and practice strategies to promote positive racial identity development in children.

Talking About Impact:

Addressing Our Unconscious Bias as Educators

(prerequisite: “Talking about Race in the Classroom”)

Through this training, educators explore the impact of unconscious bias on the academic and social emotional development of students. Educators gain tools to recognize and address their own racial biases, and learn how these biases affect curriculum, pedagogy and relationships with students, families and colleagues. Participants will identify instances where they themselves may have witnessed or committed racial microaggressions, and gain strategies to interrupt them.

Talking About Equity:

Creating Racially Equitable Schools

(prerequisite: “Talking about Race in the Classroom”)

This training, designed for teams of individuals who exercise leadership roles in educational institutions, explores how to promote racially equitable outcomes for students beyond the walls of individual classrooms. Teams will assess the degree to which racial equity is upheld in school culture, structures, policies and curriculum. They will brainstorm, prioritize and gain strategies to implement racial justice initiatives at their institutions.

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